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Arc Productions Ltd
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For any HR inquiries please email:

For business and sales inquiries:
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1. How do I apply for a job?

Take a peek at our careers section and apply online for positions that are of interest. We read all applications but unfortunately we are only able to respond to those successful in securing an interview.

We’re hiring! Please click here to see our current job openings.

5. How often should I apply?

There is no need to apply for the same position more than once – if there is a new position available or you have an updated reel/resume then feel free to apply.

6. When do you hire for shows?

We typically have several projects going concurrently. The studio’s needs change throughout the year so it’s difficult to pinpoint any specific dates or times of year that we hire. We hire for whatever demands we have at the time.

8. Do you accept interns?

Internships and co-op opportunities are posted on our job board. Please click here to see if there are any current openings. We work with a number of Ontario colleges and universities, so also be sure to check with your school’s co-op office.

9. Can someone there critique my demo reel?

We receive many reels and resumes each week. Because of the volume and our busy production schedules, we don’t critique reels for the public. Should you be involved in an interview, you may be asked if you would like your reel to be critiqued.

Please note we have a very strict unsolicited submissions policy, which you can read by clicking here.

10. I have a great idea for a movie or tv show. Who do I contact?

Please note that under no circumstances do we accept unsolicited submission. We have a very strict policy on this, which you can read by clicking here.

We have this policy in order to avoid possible misunderstandings relating to Arc’s projects. Therefore, we cannot accept such submissions from you and must request that you please refrain from sending us any unsolicited materials.

11. What is the best animation or vfx program to attend?

There are many schools that focus on specific aspects of CG production such as animation, VFX, games, and/or film. We recommend checking out several programs and seeking references from their graduates. You might also want to investigate what each school’s instructors’ specialties are (i.e. rigging, VFX character animation).